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About me   —   Ivo Fokkema

KreaDoe 2022, Utrecht, Netherlands

Video: Ernie de Vries

Endlessly curious — I have to know how something works. Creative and fascinated by nature. Researcher with a laboratory background, working in human genetics, autodidactic programmer, and ambassador of Polyestershoppen. Always looking for new challenges; I can't focus on only one thing and never sit still.
I've always been busy with my hands — making, building, creating something. I've never been really good at drawing or painting. But I've always loved recreating something I saw and turning it into something I could hold in my hands. So when I saw epoxy resin, I was immediately captivated by the endless possibilities of this medium. Although I tried many different things and I still often test something new, I'm always returning to the ocean theme. Most of my inspiration comes from my memories of Australia, where I've lived for nine months and where you can find the most beautiful beaches. To bring home the tropical feeling and the marvel of beautiful nature, I try to make my works as realistic as possible. To create a world where you can dream away — an ocean dream world.

Over the years, I've done hundreds of tests — different epoxies, different techniques, different circumstances... Because I found no single place where all tips and info on epoxy came together, especially in Dutch, I created a website for this myself: The website is currently in Dutch only. If you're working with epoxy and you want to know more about the possibilities, or are you running into problems, and you're looking for a solution? Often, you'll find the answer on my website. The site also contains various tools like mixing schemas and an epoxy calculator, with which you can precisely calculate how much epoxy you need for your project.